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Welcome to the Sea of Liberty, an open blog created as a conduit for timely, legitimate information and also as another opportunity for the free speech guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. As Thomas Jefferson stated so aptly, "Information is the currency of democracy," and without a free flow of reasonably-uncensored speech, our form of democracy cannot succeed.

This blog uses an open commentary system -- no registration is necessary. Only a poster name is required. However, to protect readers, commenters and ourselves, comments are posted on the webpages only after moderator approval. We at the Sea of Liberty intend to moderate without prejudice.

We won't be assessing your opinions, but instead, only your language. To facilitate publishing your comments here, please observe the guidelines listed below.

Guidelines for Posting Comments
  • Watch your language
    -- The Sea of Liberty rejects profanity, pornographic language, threats toward others and spam. Concise, careful, 'clean' language is the best alternative for positive reader impact.
  • Observe Copyright Requirements
    -- Avoid legal problems by creating your own copy. Familiarize yourself with THE FAIR USE LAW, which at present is generally considered to be ambiguous on some points. Copying a headline and a few words of an article can be safe, depending on the publisher. However, ASKING FOR PERMISSION BEFOREHAND guarantees the best outcome.

    You may copy any posts originating from the Sea of Liberty, in full or in part, without prior permission if you credit this site by attribution and provide a link back to the article you repost.

    Articles that do not originate with the Sea of Liberty -- those that we have received permission from the author to re-post -- may or may not be republished. You must ask the author and/or publisher for permission.

  • Comment Ownership
    -- Both article authors and commenters retain all ownership rights to the material that they post here, and they assume complete liability that may result from their contributions.

    The opinions posted on the Sea of Liberty are those of their authors only -- they do NOT necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or philosophy of anyone else.

  • Final Arbiter
    -- The Sea of Liberty, at its own discretion, reserves the right to reject publication comments that abuse the above-stated guidelines. We welcome your contributions. We ask you to help us support responsible free speech by observing the rules listed here. If you cannot do so, enjoy a visit elsewhere. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Terms of Service

Reading and/or contributing comments or articles here conveys user status. This Terms of Service agreement requires users to hold harmless the owners of this website for any and all liability resulting from any material posted here.

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